A night with the Viennese University of Applied Art

Hello Pretties,

this week I received a spontaneous invitation by message and 4 hours after I was in the Anker Brot Fabrik for the Die Angewandte Wien, the fashion show of the University of Applied Arts of Vienna 2018.

I didn’t know what to expect as I did not had a chance to think about it. I went there alone and already among the crowd waiting outside I could feel that most of people were creative and artist type!

At 20:30 the doors opened and the show , or should i say the shows started simultaneously. 3 stages, one group of model coming from each side and heading to the center.  The time to check out the first designs I went running toward the other sides, but I can tell you… it is pretty hard to take pictures from a model on the catwalk with a simple smartphone! They are suuuuper fast! Gosh, in high heels I could barrely follow!

It started with let’s say an very, very unusual style. A style that you can only imagine wearing on stage as a performer, definitely not an 8-17h dresscode. Even though I have to admit that at first I was pretty doubtful, at the end of the evening i consider some part of what i saw as a statement.

My favourite part however came at the end, among them some creations of Frizzi Lane, Jennifer Milleder and Partricia Narbon.

Dear designers, this message is for you, if you don’t know what to do with these adorable red shoes or clothes, I’m wearing M and I am a 39!

I came back home fueled by lot of energy and smiling at the excentric and pure creativity that I was lucky to see this night.

Thank you designers of Vienna and the world, to not limit your creativity for profit and let your imagination run free!