Have you ever wished to have your own Personal Stylist?

You are what you wear. How would you feel if you knew that everything in your wardrobe made you look your best and communicate the right message about you? Great, right?

My services

Did you ever wish to understand how to pick the perfect outfit for every situation? How to comunicate who you are through your clothing? To look your most beautiful, you don’t need to buy expensive clothes or invest in overpriced make up. You don’t have to follow the lastest fashion trends. You should  wear clothes which represent who you are , which compliment your natural assets and respect your personality and style. The clothes we wear send powerful signals to the outside world, projecting the self image of us that we want to display. My mission is to simplify women’s lives by making  getting dressed easy, efficient and fun and giving you the tools to make a conscious choice about your clothes!

The individual services including color analysis, dresses selection based on body type, wardrobe consultation, style analysis and personal shopping. It’s not just about being fashionable or have a expensive closet, it’s about establishing a personalized style that’s in line with each person look, lifestyle and budget. Having a fashion expert is a long term investment on your time, energy and money. I am here with my expertise and good mood to guide you into the direction of your style, the one which will make you feel and look good about you. This moment is about you, enjoy it!

Color Power

The state-of-the-art professional approach to Color Analysis.
Also available online.

Color Class

Introduction to Color Theory and how it is applied to styling.
Only available online.

Style Essence

We all want to be seen for who we are. Finding your style can get you there.
Also available online.

Body Love

The perfected, highly personalized wide-ranging Body Shape Analysis.
Also available online.

Shopping Tour

A Personal Shopping Tour through Vienna.

Shop Your Closet

Sometimes you don’t need a new outfit. Learn some creative ways how to rewear your clothes and make old clothes feel new.

Closet Detox

Let’s create a more decluttered and minimalistic wardrobe.

Liebe Laure, danke für diesen tollen Tag! Meine Schwester und ich hatten viel Spaß und haben super Input von dir erhalten! Bin froh, dass du uns auch passende Styles gezeigt hast und Mut zu neuen Sachen! Freuen uns auf weitere Touren mit dir!

Tanja, Shopping tour

I really wish i had known Laure and gotten her services like, 15 years ago. I got the color analysis and body shape one day , and the closet detox another day. Now i know i won t waste any more money on clothes and colors that do me a disservice, and i wear my remaining clothes with confidence.I can make more outfits with the remaining clothes thanks to her advice. I even know what makeup works for me and bought lipstrick for the first time in my life–and also confidently wear it now.I m looking forward to our future shopping tour to fill in some of my closet gaps, but yea,super happy.Also-she s super organized and on time– not a time waster! And a total pleasure to be around. A total side note: I would consider gifting her services to my non-existent daughter to save her from thousands of wasted $$$. Thanks Laure for your fantastic work.

Christine, Fesch packet, warderobe detox and shopping tour

Given the shopping experience as a bday present in December 2018. Laure is very experienced and I felt I could trust her knowledge and recommendations. We visited 2 shops and tried on lots of styles so she could show me what’s good and bad. Very pleasant experience.

Ryan, Shopping tour

I have one night in Vienna and decided to try this shopping experience with Laure. I feel it’s best decision I ever made.
Laure is professional and well prepared. Because many shops not open on Monday, she arranged one designer to open just for us and makes me feel really special. And as it turn out, it has some pieces fits me really very. After a while it start to feel like she understand me better than I do.
Best part is her personality. Shopping with Laure is chilled and fun. So if you look for a nice experience in Vienna, I would definitely recommend..

Vanessa, Shopping tour

…charmant, sympathisch & viele gute Tipps!

Isabel , Color Analysis

Sie hat mir auf charmante Art gezeigt,was mir steht und was nicht und mir klar gemacht, wie wichtig die richtigen Accessoires und Details sind.

Petra, Shopping Tour

This is one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon in Vienna.Everything about her search process and cadence was perfect!

Michelle, Shopping Tour

I booked this experience to learn more about the best places to shop in Vienna and for some pointers on style & fit for my body. Laure was magnifique! I so enjoyed my afternoon with her. The tour was super customised (we went to places to find specific items I needed)!

Claire, Shopping Tour

Laure come live in Zurich for while so you can help me figure out my warederobe!

Karri, Body shape Analysis

I learned a lot about me thanks to you.

Julie , Body shape analysis

Thank you, Laure, for making me see myself from another light and understand the importance of the “superficial shell“
For me the color analysis was not only a curious experiment, but also quite eye opening ! Laure gave me such a valuable recommendations and thanks to the tests we made I could see and feel how each color impacts differently my whole appearance and how to literally highlight my best features ! What I appreciated the most was the warm and professional attitude of Laure and also the fact that I changed my idea about style in general – from considering it more superficial to seeing that it really does matter what colors you choose as when you feel good on the outside, it immediately affects you positively on the inside.
I certainly recommend everybody this experience – in only one hour you get a knowledge that will serve you always.

Svetla, Color Analysis

Really nice experience.
+++ in French (could also be nice for non native French speakers!)
+++ a way to discover new shops even if you live in Vienna and are quite familiar with the local offer
+++ Mademoiselle Fesch takes in account your preferences : budget, shopping for a special occasion, philosophy (second hand, little brands…)

Magali, Color analysis & Shopping tour


For as long as I can remember people came to me for style and fashion advice. Over the years I realise that I was enjoying helping others finding their style and giving them more confidence. So I decided to take my passion to the next level and trained myself to become a personal stylist in France . To the personal stylist training i added training in inclusive fashion ,  color & fashion psychology  because i believe that the clothes we wear should represent all that we are.  And here I am in Vienna, Austria, ready to share my knowledge, my positive energy and my expertise with you.

I am looking forward to reveal the best looking version of yourself!

It’s me… your personal stylist in Vienna!

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