Let´Shop Your own Closet

„Let yourself fall back in love with your clothes .“

Fall in love with your wardrobe all over again.“

Do you feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? You may need to declutter your wardrobe (check out my wardrobe detox offer), or perhaps you just need a fresh perspective to help you style your clothes in new ways. That’s where I come in – I’ll be your personal styling assistant and together we’ll discover new ways to reinvent your wardrobe without buying anything new.

Shopping your own wardrobe is a mindset that allows you to appreciate and utilize what you already own without constantly wanting more. Through this process, we will not only explore your personal style but also cultivate a greater appreciation for your clothes. It’s a conscious way of expressing your sense of style and learning to care for your clothes.

During our session, I will be honest but kind with your clothes, even those pieces with tags still attached. Our goal is to make putting together outfits effortless and enjoyable, taking the stress out of getting dressed. With creativity, gratitude, and conscious fashion in mind, let’s fall back in love with your wardrobe together.

Shop your closet package
Learn to go out of your confort zone with your clothes

Find out new ways to pair up your clothes

Implement more gratitude and consciousness in your daily life

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EUR 69,/Hour