How to find the perfect bra and more

Hello Pretties,

to quote Dolce and Gabbana „Lingerie is the maximun expression of a woman´s feminity“ and i could not agree more with them.

But to have nice lingerie is one thing , to have a lingerie which really fit is something else.Like always, what make you unique is what fits you and respect your body type. Some time ago, i went to  Lingeria Macchiato on Neubaugasse 51 (Wien 1060), for a 2hours crash course on how to find the perfect bra. Kristina, the owner is a real expert in her field and a true passionate about lingerie. If you have ever feel like your bra is taking control over you, below are some useful informations i gathered :

To test if a bra fits you…

Keep the strap long , the bra should  stay  a bit down in your back .The back band should be parallel with the front band .When you adjust your strap if the back band is going too much up , the cup of your bra is propably too small. 

The breast should be put fully in the bra (basically don´t put your boobs on the side, instead,bring them forward they should fill the cup ).

– The sewing on a bra is not only here for fashion purpose , it actually shape your breast and give them a more round aspect if the sewing is vertical.

– According to the quality of the bra and how often you use it, you should think about changing it after 1-2 years of regular use as it will loose it elasticity .

Many bras can be wash in the machine till 30°(not more ). However, i personnally prefer to hand wash my nicest pieces.

Kristina also introduces us some to some really cool lingeries accessoire that you can find in her shop, my favourite : the Girly Go Garter, a hand free purse , the perfect solution to a ball or a night out on the dancefloor 😉