How a tiny human changed my life… and my wardrobe

Finally, after more than a year-and-a-half of hibernation, I decided it was time for me to reanimate Mademoiselle Fesch.

I restarted to offer my services again in Summer 2021 but didn’t had the time to properly announce it till September 2021. Because, since I became a mum I’ve started to be late … like a lot … which was new for me. There is always something to tidy up, to wash, to organize or to take care of. It’s hard to find some time for yourself and to think about something else than just mum-tasks. And I get it now … it’s a never-ending story … you have to create time for yourself … to exist as a woman and not only as a mum. Simply waiting for this time to arrive by itself doesn’t work.

If you are a mum you probably know what I mean.
And… as a mum you probably also have asked yourself:
“What do I wear now that I’m a mum?“

Because, let’s face it, having a baby (plus living through a pandemic in the very same year) can drive anyone into wearing a loungewear uniform 24/7.
I’ve also realised that my body changed. Some clothes simply didn’t fit anymore or just felt uncomfortable.
But it was not only a physical change, it was also a mindset change. Some clothes were not representing (the new) me anymore.

The new me: A young mum. Still dynamic. With a lack of sleep. Still passionate about clothes.

My clothes needed to be more comfortable, easier to maintain and above all… practical. So, I tried to be objective and decluttered my wardrobe. Considering all important factors: My lifestyle. My body shape. My skin complexion. And my personality.

I sold some fancy clothes which were just gathering dust as I didn’t need as many of them as before. Instead, I invested in a nice raincoat, some sneakers, different (more practical) jewellery, a stylish all-weather backpack and some other stuff that checked all the boxes.

So, if you also wonder…

“How do I combine my work/life-outfit with my mum life?”
“How do I dress up to meet friends after coming directly from the playground?”

…I got you!

If you need help doing it, contact me.

Take care of you, you are worth it.