„How often do you open your wardrobe and think: I have nothing to wear!“

Getting dressed is a routine we all go through, every single morning. How you look, and more importantly how you think you look, can really affect your mind-set and how you feel.

It’s true that most women wear a mere 20% of their clothing. So what happens with the rest? We keep and stock clothes that we’ll never use and still end up telling ourselves that we have nothing to wear.

You know what to do: It’s time to declutter your wardrobe and upgrade your style.

As Marie Kondo would say: „If it sparks joy, keep it!“ But does it fit you? Does it flatter you? Does it suit your lifestyle? Does ist reflect your personality? And that’s were I come in to help you.

I’ll come to your home, we’ll pop into your closet and I will start to work my magic with you. We will start by analysing your natural skin color and body shape to determine which pieces enhance your beauty. We’ll talk about the pieces you love, the pieces you want to use more and the pieces you struggle with and why.

Once your clothes have been sorted and categorised, your wardrobe will become much easier to use and every single aspect of it will spark joy.

We will find new ways to utilize what you already have and how to combine your pieces in ways you might not have thought of. And you will also receive tips on what might be missing to complete your wardrobe.

At the end you’ll have more clarity about the stuff you own and how to use it effectively.

facts & figures

basic body shape analysis

an uncluttered closet

learn to create new outfits from the items you already have

receive a shopping list to complete your wardrobe

up to 3h00

EUR 340,-
EUR 300,-
special introduction price

EUR 50,- per additional hour