When fashion get invited in the Vienna Staatsoper

Hello pretties,

I don’t know how it is for you but when I think about the Viennese Staatsopera I think about music, ballet and Austrian tradition.

So what happen on this 8 July 2018 in the Opera was quite unusual.

Indeed, every year since 2015 the Staatsoper welcomes designers, professional from the beauty & lifestyle industry, fashionistas and everybody interested for a unusual Sunday event: the Fashion opera.

It was my first year there. I would have been pleased to see even more local designers but once the fashion show started I was amazed.

The first performance was a remarkable balett interpretation from Maria Yakovleva, followed by an A capella performance from Just6 .

On the catwalk, designs from Genio del Tempo were among my favorite together with the designs I noticed during the fair from Dali Oleschko couture and Imaatu.

For those who didn’t had the chance to attend this years event, check out my pics (above) to see my best catches.